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Horse Data Management Services
People to People
HDMS Service has been around eleven years, Eleven years in information technology, computer systems and software. Hdmsville has gone from a one node: (BBS) bulletin board system, to a force to be recon with.

To service the small networks of America that the big Corporations have pushed aside. We at Hdms Service provide that personal attention and dedication to customers that once was the corner stone of America. Corporate America has lost something along the way, that commitment to service that once was provided to the small guy before they became Corporate America. Not just the bottom line!
To have a radio broadcast of your church, ministry, or talk program on www.hdms.net for thirty minutes on Saturdays or Sundays between 12P.M. and midnight is only $25.00. This would be on a month-to-month contract on CD. This would have to be paid in full for the month.